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  • Homosexuality & the 21st Century

    So many times in our culture, we tackle sensitive or uncomfortable issues with a sledgehammer, swinging blows from one extreme of conservative viewpoints to the other end of the liberal “anything goes” stance.

    Dr Paul Cannings proposes we stop taking swings, verbal or otherwise, and check what God says on the polarizing issue of homosexuality. In his latest CD series, Homosexuality and the 21st Century Church, he examines the scriptures and peels away the emotional confusion associated with the topic of same-sex love and same-sex marriage.

    But in truth, God has a lot to say and He is very clear. Let’s learn what God teaches us about homosexuality, same-sex love and passion outside the marriage bed.
    • Disk 1 God’s Order - His Will - Part 1: Teaches listeners that the tensions in our lives should help us to grow and not give in

    • Disk 2 God’s Order - His Will - Part 2: Challenges us to consider how we should live knowing that we are the temple of God

    • Disk 3 God’s Desire Should Be Our Passion: Provides a biblical understanding of sexuality and how rejection of knowledge leads to a seperation from God

    • Disk 4 The Plan of God Is Everything: Challenges us to respect the structure established by God

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